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Pakistan: Voluntary Repatriation of Afghan Refugees: South West Asia - Quarterly Update (April-June 2020)

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Since 2002, nearly 5.3 million Afghan refugees have returned to Afghanistan under UNHCR’s facilitated Voluntary Repatriation programme. At the Encashment Centres in Afghanistan, returning refugees receive a voluntary repatriation cash grant of approximately USD 200 per individual, as well as a range of services to support their reintegration.

◊ Due to Covid-19 no returns facilitated from Pakistan during this period. Of the 336 refugees who were deregistered in Iran in 2020 so far only 327 presented at encashment ceters in Afghanistan.

◊ Lack of access to education and health facilities in country of asylum featured as a more prominent reason for return in 2020 compared with 2019.