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Shelter Cluster Somalia Fact Sheet - July 2020

Shelter Cluster
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SO1: Ensure that persons affected by conflict and natural disasters have protection from the weather and privacy through provision of emergency shelter and NFIs.

SO2: Contribute to resilience and improve the living conditions of affected population through improved housing and related community infrastructure.

SO3: Improve the quality of shelter and NFI assistance and ensure accountability through effective complaint and feedback mechanisms.


2.6 million people are internally displaced in Somalia. New displacements are reported regularly due to armed conflicts, natural disasters and evictions. The displaced live mainly in makeshift shelters in congested informal settlements concentrated in the peripheries of major cities and towns, lacking security of tenure. Around 2.2 million people are in need of shelter and NFI assistance. They are exposed to extreme weather conditions, forced evictions and other protection risks. They also lack basic household items. Decongestion is needed at settlements and shelters level to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. A total of 237 IDP sites that host over 98,000 IDP HHs have been identified as highrisk sites for COVID 19 transmission. Around 150,000 people are currently in need of urgent shelter and NFI assistance due to flooding.