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Education Sector COVID-19 Progress Report, March-June 2020

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Cumulative progress report: Rohingya & Host Communities

The Education Sector partners continue strengthening resilience by targeting both Host and Rohingya communities. Partners are looking forward to reaching every child - to continue their education at home with a focus on caregiver led education and awareness building sessions. Small group meetings with community volunteers and facilitators on COVID-19 have been held to enhance awareness in the community.
Before Learning Centers (LC) closed, there was a discussion held in every LC with every learners and parent on COVID-19 awareness such as -hand washing with soap, keep children and themselves, as caregivers, at home and avoid gathering, not to send children to distribution centers, always maintain social distancing.
In addition, partners ensured hand washing services for children and made sure they are practicing hand washing, partners also shared key massages regarding COVID-19 to LCMCs/ CMCs/parents/learners/CIC office.

In collaboration with the Child Protection sector, the Education Sector has translated child-focused messages on COVID-19 and awareness raising messages have been disseminated in camps (provided by Child Protection Sub-Sector) in the Myanmar Language