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Rapid Assessment on Returns and Durable Solutions, Markaz Al Baaj Sub-district - Al Baaj District - Ninewa Governorate, Iraq, June 2020

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Situation Overview

Whilst movement trends in Iraq have generally remained stable since early 2018, there has been a considerable shift since August 2019 with increasing numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs) returning to their area of origin (AoO) or being displaced for a second time, most notably in Ninewa governorate. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM)’s Emergency Displacement Tracking recorded over 9,600 households displaced or returned to noncamp locations between 29 February and 15 June 2020, 16% of which were recorded in Al Baaj district (37% for Ninewa governorate)

There have been concerns in the humanitarian and development community over the principled character and durability of new returns and potential consequences for humanitarian needs and social cohesion in areas to which families have returned or been secondarily displaced.

Markaz Al Baaj

Markaz Al Baaj is a sub-district of Al Baaj district, located south-west Ninewa governorate. KIs reported that Markaz Al Baaj town was housing over 8,000 families before 2014, mostly Sunni Muslim Arab population.

The sub-district fell under the control of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in 2014 forcing over 6,000 families to flee their homes, as reported by key informants (KIs) during data collection. However, since Markaz Al Baaj was retaken, in June 2017, most residents displaced in 2014 have reportedly returned. At the time of data collection, an estimated total of 414 families were reported to remain in displacement.

Population Profile

families were reported by KIs to be residing in Markaz Al Baaj before the events in 2014.

of the pre-2014 population in the neighbourhoods or villages in Markaz Al Baaj reportedly displaced since 2014.

of the population displaced since 2014 have returned in total as reported by KIs.

IDP families are reported to reside in Markaz Al Baaj areas and neighbourhoods (not specified area of origin).