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Peru Situation Report - June 2020

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On 4 June, the government announced the extension of the state of emergency for another 90 days, until 7 September. New and modified measures were announced on June 26, including focalized quarantines in more affected regions.

The Superintendence of Migration (SNM) extended the carné de extranjería, obtained after the temporary stay permit (PTP for its acronym in Spanish), for a second year. However, Tumbes’ SNM enforced a prosecution mechanism against irregular entries of foreign nationals and issued exit and expulsion notifications from the territory despite the national decree granting all foreign persons’ regular status during the state of emergency. Moreover, the SNM announced on June 19, the implementation of a Migratory Information Registry to record data at the border points. This new regulation aims at strengthening the SNM’s border monitoring and security.

On June 22, the Special Commission for Refugees (CEPR) resumed its online appointment system. Through this service, asylum seekers with pending and new applications will be able to complete the needed requirements. Completed applications allow the printing of working permits. Up to 30 June the CEPR registered some 8,700 new asylum applications, with Piura and Trujillo as the locations with the larger number of submissions outside of Lima.