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Weekly Update on Covid-19 Communication: Update 11 (24 July 2020)

UNCT Malawi
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1. Risk Communication and Community Engagement

**UNICEF - Strengthening Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) **

UNICEF continued to support implementation of risk communication and community engagement interventions using various delivery platforms. The number of people reached with COVID-19 messages through door to door, mobile van and community drama sessions and social media is now over 494,400. A total of 19 people with disabilities have also been reached with messages during the reporting period. UNICEF continues to work with the partners Malawi Institute Journalism (MIJ), Story Workshop and Development Communications Trust (DCT), on a rumour tracking tool as it has been established that there are a lot of rumours in circulation which calls for more community engagement sessions to clarify these rumours. There have been visible changes following the above interventions for example, a TA in Mchinji has set up a committee to ensure handwashing with soap is taking place at the community boreholes and he has also made the soap available for that purpose. 19 in Malawi.