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Intentions of IDP households in formal camps in Duhok, Erbil, Kirkuk and Salah Al-Din Governorates (Feb-Mar 2020)

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Key Findings

  • Returns: only two percent of IDP households intended to return in the 12 months following data collection, with 69% intending to stay in their current location.

  • Barriers to return: reported factors such as damage to shelter in their AoO, perceived lack of security and perceived lack of livelihood opportunities prevented IDP households to return to their AoO.

  • Shelter conditions in AoO: 58% of IDP households reported their property in their AoO to be completely destroyed.

  • Safety conditions in AoO: 61% of IDP households reported having concerns about safety in their AoO.

  • Basic services in AoO: 42% of IDP households reported perceiving a lack of basic services in their AoO.

  • Livelihood opportunities in AoO: 61% of IDP households reported perceiving a lack of livelihood opportunities.

  • Humanitarian assistance in AoO: 53% of IDP households reported to perceive that no humanitarian assistance was available in their AoO.