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Ecosystem-Based Adaptation in Madagascar 2014-2020 - Factsheet

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• Madagascar is a large island nation of 21 million people located off the southeastern coast of the African continent. The country encompasses a diversity of ecosystems, with a highland plateau in the center, fringed by lowlying coastal areas on all sides.

• In the last 20 years, extreme weather such as flooding, cyclones and heatwaves have taken a heavy toll on the nation’s coastal communities, severely affecting access to basic necessities.

• The government of Madagascar is working to build the resilience of coastal communities in 4 regions: Boeny; Menabe; Atsinanana, and Vatovavy-Fitovinany.

• The project’s main approaches are to strengthen the capacity to address climate change impacts through training and technical support, and to protect coastal zones by restoring mangrove forests, building seawalls, introducing climate-smart farming methods, and diversifying livelihoods.