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Eleven projects covering all governorates: CSSW efforts and rapid response to combat COVID-19 pandemic in Yemen

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Exclusive Report:

“People are now dying alone in their homes.” With this statement, the United Nations summarized the humanitarian situation in Yemen, due to outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, according to the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock.

There is a local and international concern about the outbreak of this pandemic. Such concern is justified in a country, where, according to the UN OCHA in Yemen the death rate by Covid-19 is 4 times higher than the global average.

With the increasing fears of the loss of lives, humanitarian interventions become a noble task that only life-makers and hope stimulators such as CSSW, could undertake and successfully intervene to confront the emerging Covid-19.

CSSW efforts to combat Covid-19 outbreak

As the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic evolved, CSSW took the initiative to contribute to limiting the evolution in Yemen by 11 projects, undertaken in response and rapid intervention by its branches in all governorates of Yemen in partnership with six local and international organizations. Such response benefited about 2 million people and 84 health facilities.

The response by interventions began in March 2020 and effectively is ongoing. The projects implemented have three main topics: "awareness, health, logistical support, and precautionary measures".

Awareness First

Awareness is the first step to reduce the outbreak of the new Covid-19, according to WHO experts. Hence, CSSW intervened to contribute to creating a community awareness culture to confront this deadly epidemic and limit its spread.

Awareness and education programs included advertisements and distribution of posters, brochures, mobile media vehicles equipped with microphones, field visits to volunteer teams, and other various media and social media platforms.

More than 1.5 million people benefited from awareness raising and education in all governorates of the Republic of Yemen. The number of members of the educational committees and teams reached 189.

Health and logistical support

In its humanitarian interventions, CSSW did not neglect health support in a country that all international reports confirm imminent collapse of health system.

Health support included training health personnel on safety procedures, and providing them with personal protection tools to continue to provide health care services to citizens. A number of 851 health cadres who will provide health care services to thousands of patients benefited from this training.

Health facilities were supported by means of prevention and protection tools. These included sterilizers, masks, spray and hygiene tools, etc. Other facilities in nine governorates were sterilized.

Support with prevention and protection tools extended to 53 health facilities and quarantine centers. Thirty-one health facilities were sprayed, sterilized and cleaned to fight infection of this global epidemic. In addition, patients or suspected cases of such epidemic were provided with health care.

Precautionary measures

CSSW continued its life-saving response by precautionary measures, with training 3084 staff and volunteers to carry out projects and provide services to beneficiaries in all fields, such as food, water, sanitation, development projects, protection, shelter, education and other important urgent projects.

In addition, over 3690 people, including cadres and volunteers were provided with protection, safety and personal protection tools.

The number of members of the rapid response teams formed to follow up and provide health care for workers and volunteers within the organization reached 52 persons.

Through these three main themes, "Awareness, health support and precautionary measures for 11 projects, CSSW concluded an important first phase of interventions in all Yemeni governorates.

Outside Yemen

In a new success that foster the leadership it gained over the decades of humanitarian efforts, CSSW interventions extended out of Yemen, through its office in Djibouti, as Coronavirus pandemic knows no boundaries.

CSSW Djibouti Office supported hospitals with preventive and hygiene requirements. With such humanitarian intervention, the Djiboutian Ministry of Health representative, Ahmed Hussein, thanked and appreciated the CSSW office. He said that the health supplies provided would contribute effectively to cover part of the needs required to confront this global epidemic and limit its spread.