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Latin America and the Caribbean Region COVID-19 Situation Report No. 5 (Reporting Period: 1 - 30 June 2020)

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Regional Highlights

● The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Latin America and the Caribbean in a context of low growth and, above all, of marked inequality and vulnerability, with growing poverty and extreme poverty, weakening of social cohesion and expressions of social discontent.

● Cases continue to increase in Latin America and are currently at or near the highest levels observed since the start of the pandemic in all countries.

● Most countries in the region have weak and fragmented health systems, which do not guarantee the universal access needed to address the COVID-19 health crisis.

● The impact on the health of personnel on the frontlines, which often lack sufficient and adequate personal protection equipment (PPE), continues to be high.

● The crisis is also having a considerable impact on women’s access to healthcare and, in particular, to sexual and reproductive health services. Lockdown measures enforced in countries have also led to a sharp increase in gender-based violence.

● Contraceptives are expected to suffer shortages or stock outs by the end of this year. In the Caribbean, preliminary findings of the stock monitoring risk assessment show stock out of family planning methods and several challenges in ensuring life-saving commodities in the coming months.

● The pandemic is showing increased incidence among vulnerable populations, particularly indigenous people, afro-descendants, prisoners, migrants, and LGBTI people.

● Urgent funding is needed to meet rising needs