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Listening to displacement-affected communities over time: Understanding intentions and aspirations in support of durable solutions 2019

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The aspirations survey examines the multiple dimensions of vulnerabilities and sense of belonging among IDPs in four Somali cities: Baidoa, Dollow, Kismayo and Mogadishu, through disaggregated data comparing with host communities and focusing on displacement trends, access to jobs, safety and security, social integration, HLP and forced evictions.

The analysis compares different groups of IDPs as well as host and non-host communities in urban areas. The objective is to get a more comprehensive picture of displacement-related issues and dynamics to inform area-based durable solutions programming, complementing existing data and analyses.

The aspirations survey was developed through a participatory process involving multiple stakeholders. It will be undertaken on annual basis for the next 3 years to listen to displacement-affected communities over time to have better data to inform better targeting and programming.

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