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Ukraine: Health Cluster Bulletin #7 (May - June 2020)

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COVID-19 situation overview

Epidemiological situation in ECA

In Government-Controlled area (GCA) numbers are relatively low despite the increase in the number of tests performed.
According to the Public Health Center, in Luhanska oblast, samples have been collected from 545 suspected cases, of which 75 are positive for COVID-19 (14% positivity rate), 54 recovered and 0 died as of 23 June. Whereas in Donetska oblast, 648 suspected cases have been reported, of which 376 are positive (58% positivity rate), 145 recovered and 8 died.

In Non-Government Controlled Area (NGCA), the situation is relatively worse than in GCA, especially with Luhansk not providing updates on a regular basis. In Donetsk, 1,054 cases were reported as of 23 June, including 308 recovered and 66 deaths. In Luhansk, 474 cases have been reported on 23 June, including 421 recovered and 11 deaths. High infection rate among healthcare workers is one of the of the major concerns reported in NGCA.