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COVID-19 emergency response - Middle East and Eastern Europe Regional Situation Report #8 - 18 June 2020

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Situation Overview

COVID-19 Cases: 87,555

COVID-19 Deaths: 2,906

The situation has been changing across Middle East and Eastern European countries over the past month. While some countries have eased their restrictions, such as Albania, Jordan, and Georgia, the epidemiological situation has deteriorated in other areas. Iraq has gone back into lockdown after a period of relatively lighter regulations. The situation continues to be critical in Afghanistan and Syria with limited testing and healthcare capacity of local systems. Armenia is witnessing an alarming rise in cases, stretching the healthcare system beyond its capacity. Hundreds of people are waiting for space in hospitals and the vulnerable population, especially children, are at even greater risk of lack of access to healthcare services, as well as to basic needs.

World Vision in Armenia continues to provide direct support to affected most vulnerable families, and supports community level health care providers in responding to increasing cases.

World Vision in Iraq, as a result of joint advocacy efforts of the NGO community, continues to deliver essential services to the most vulnerable groups, including internally-displaced people and refugees.