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Preparedness in the Pacific - ETC Situation Report #5, Reporting period 01/06/2020 to 30/06/2020

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• The ETC in the Pacific and the Joint Pacific COVID-19 Incident Management Team (IMT) have completed the first draft of a guidance document for using technical solutions to deliver activities and preparedness services to support the COVID-19 response.

• The ETC supported national preparedness and response efforts in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and Fiji.

• The ETC in the Pacific, working with subject matter experts, has drawn up and refined the module objectives of the Disaster-Emergency Preparedness and Response (D-EPR) training course for ICT and emergency telecommunications professionals in the Pacific.

ETC Activities

• At the same time as responding to Cyclone Harold, the ETC continues to engage with up to 22 Pacific Island Countries (PICs) and territories to support their COVID-19 preparedness and response efforts.

• The ETC in the Pacific continues to work with the health services delivery team of the Joint Pacific COVID19 Incident Management Team (IMT) on interim guidance for PICs regarding the use of ICT to enable health preparedness and response during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contributions to this guidance are from four health operational areas – case management, risk communication, surveillance and essential health services – and the ETC Pacific. The first draft was completed on 12 June and has been reviewed and updated.