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Inter-Sector Working Group, Jordan: Refugee Response Coordination, Coronavirus – Update 28 June 2020

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This update aims to provide information on progress towards implementation of the objectives of the Jordan Contingency & Response Plan in response to COVID-19. It is available through UNHCR’s Operational Portal at COVID-19 Response Page

I. General Update

The Jordan Response Plan 2020-2022 has been endorsed and officially launched by the Government on 22 July in a virtual platform meeting convened by the Prime Minster and attended and participated by line ministries, donors,
UN agencies, and other key partners. MoPIC has presented the summary of the plan, including information on its structure, key priorities, budget requirements, as well as a document linking the JRP with the COVID-19 crisis, which has been designed as an annex putting the JRP in the context of COVID-19 and outlining additional needs in response to address the vulnerabilities exacerbated by the pandemic and its socio-economic impact.

Since the lifting of movement restrictions and curfews by the Government as of 6 June, partners continue to operate and deliver assistance on the ground with limited number of staff ensuring the implementation of preventive measures, such as social distancing and the usage of the PPEs.

PCR tests are being conducted on a weekly basis in the camps, and there are no positive cases to date in the camps. 30% of staff as well as 30% of activities are now again operational in the camps in line with the lifting of restrictions.