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Democratic Republic of Congo: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report #10 11-24 June 2020

DR Congo
Publication date


• More than 4.5 million children have access to distance learning thanks to partnerships with 296 radio stations and 23 TV channels

• 29 million people reached with key messages on how to prevent COVID-19

• 62,415 calls managed by the COVID-19 Hotline

• 7,315 people (including 2,296 children) affected by COVID-19 and 776 frontline workers provided with psychosocial support

• 208,464 community masks distributed

Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)

1) COVID-19 Hotline: During the reporting period, the Hotline successfully managed 62,415 calls, which is equivalent to an average of 4,402 calls per day. The majority of the calls are from individuals requesting general information on COVID-19 (98%).

2) U-Report platform

• Through its automated bot: 6,292 people asked and received appropriate information on COVID-19 statistics, symptoms, spread mechanism, how to protect themselves and how to protect others, and myths.

• Through its SMS center: 7,720 questions where received and answered. Over half of questions were about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and how to protect oneself from the disease. More than 30% of the questions were about the progression of the epidemic in DRC and in the rest of the world, and the measures taken by the government.

• Through the COVID-19 quiz: Compared to the results of the previous quiz, there was a slight drop in awareness about COVID-19. For instance, 10% of people believed that COVID-19 is always lethal, against 9% in the previous quiz, 39% believed that antibiotics are effective in preventing or treating COVID-19 against 36% in the previous SitRep, and 10% think that a vaccine against COVID-19 exists, compared to 8% in the previous SitRep. However, an overall improvement in the quiz scoring (results) was recorded.

• Through sending key messages: 441,443 people received at least one key message such as “the COVID-19 pandemic is real! In DRC, we have recorded 4,723 confirmed cases, 105 deaths, 595 recoveries. Kinshasa alone has 4,249 cases”, “we need to respect prevention measures to end to this pandemic in the DRC!”

3) Mass media communication: 341 radio stations and 65 TV channels have broadcast messages on COVID-19 in the 12 affected provinces. More than 29 million people were reached with key messages on how to prevent COVID-19 through mass media channels. 91 media professionals were trained on prevention measures and warning signs of COVID-19.