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Commissioning of a New Building for Beulah Primary School from TC Gita

Govt. Tonga
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26th June, 2020 A new classroom building for Beulah Primary School was commissioned by Mr. Tesimale Latu, Seventh-Day Adventist Church former Director of Education this afternoon, June 26, 2020 at Beulah.

The new facility was funded by the World Bank and the Government of Australia under the Pacific Resilience Program (PREP) at a cost of $503,700 Pa’anga.

Project Manager for PREP in his project overview, Mr. Maliu Takai said, the impact of the cyclone on the housing sector was quite disproportional in comparison to the school infrastructure to residential housing.

“The percentage of damage in the school infrastructure was much higher. This conveys a strong message that this project is timely and fit for purpose.”

Beulah Primary School has one building with two classrooms in the measurement of 144 square metre.

Mr. Takai acknowledged the completion of the three schools in package 1 that was commissioned in February this year (GPS Navutoka, GPS Vaini and GPS Fasi) with a total budget of TOP$4.1M.

“Beulah Primary School comes under the package 2 together with three others with a total budget of TOP$3.6M. The Kiwi Tonga Ltd, a Vaini based construction company was awarded the contract for the construction of a two classroom hall for Beulah Primary School.”

Mr. Takai also expressed his sincere gratitude on behalf of the Minister and CEO for MEIDECC, for the strong partnership between the Government of Tonga, development partners and communities in supporting people’s resilience and their future.