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This crisis doesn’t ask for your ID

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Lebanon faces an unprecedented crisis

The news from Lebanon has been grim for sometime now, and it gets more dire every day. We are in an unprecedented situation. Businesses are closing and we regularly hear of layoffs. Around half of the population is unemployed and many families who have financial means are choosing to leave the country. The Lebanese lira continues to fall and poverty is getting more prevalent. Politicians are making polarizing pronouncements as protesters return to the streets to demand reforms, but the government has not yet taken any real steps to address protesters' demands.

In the meantime, we continue to live in the era of COVID-19. Restrictions are starting to relax, with stores and malls opening. This unfortunately also translates into individuals taking fewer precautions, like wearing masks and socially distancing. Because Lebanon has managed to avoid the worst of the pandemic so far, some people are no longer taking it seriously. Of particular concern are the refugee camps, where conditions are crowded and the potential for spread is very high. We are already seeing an uptick in cases, the most recent of which are in the Ein El Hilweh and Beddawi Palestinian refugee camps.

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