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Somalia: Floods in Qardho - Operation Update MDRSO009 (22 June 2020)

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This Operation update informs on the below changes:

  • A strategic change from Shelter and NFI distribution to Livelihoods and basic needs using cash. This will be done through the reallocation funding from Shelter / NFI interventions and related logistical costs to Livelihoods through Unconditional Mobile Cash Transfer (UMCT) targeting the same 1,500 households (9,000 people) displaced by floods. This change of strategy and activities have led to a decrease of the budget to CHF 317,420, from an initial allocation of CHF 328,070, since, the cost of procurement and transportation of goods turned out to be higher than providing cash to targeted households.

  • A timeframe extension of two months with new end date on 30 October 2020, bringing overall operational timeframe to five months. The timeframe extension by two months is necessitated by the protracted procurement process of FSP estimated to be up to 8 weeks, and will also allow NS to deliver the cash, conduct PDM and lessons learnt workshop.

Description of the disaster

Following widespread floods across Somalia, starting on 27 April 2020, this DREF operation was launched for CHF 328,070 on 13 May with support from IFRC, to provide support to 1,500 out of the 8,000 households affected in Puntland. Please refer to EPoA which details on the description of the disaster.

Summary of current response

Overview of Host National Society

One month after this DREF operation was launched, the below has been achieved:

  1. NS is providing medical care through mobile clinics and hygiene promotion to the targeted households. To date, 1,000 people have been reached through the 3 mobile clinics deployed

  2. One hygiene promotion session has been conducted, reaching 900 people (150 Households);

  3. The SRCS launched the tender process and the file was submitted for technical review. The IFRC regional LPSCM unit found several discrepancies in the tender process and concluded that the NFI procurement process did not adhere to the IFRC standards and failed the technical review. As such, IFRC CO and SRCS agreed to change from providing NFIs to Cash Transfers considering the humanitarian imperative and the fact that markets are now functional in and around Qardho and are accessible since it’s been more than a month after the disaster. The narrated change of modality of intervention is the basis of this revision.