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WFP El Salvador Situation Report #2 - Tropical Storm Amanda (17 June 2020)

El Salvador
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The government of El Salvador has concluded its evaluation of the impacts of Tropical Storm Amanda and Tropical Depression Cristobal. According to the results there is severe damage in main roads and infrastructure nationwide. Final death reports confirmed 30 people. In addition, 57 major floods and 1,114 landslides; 28 bridges damaged, and 4 bridges collapsed; 3,000 houses damaged and 124 destroyed; and 484 schools damaged. At least 150,000 people is estimated to have been directly affected.

Tropical Storm Amanda is estimated to be the most devastating weather disaster in El Salvador in 22 years since Hurricane Mitch in 1998. As of June 8, Amanda has accumulated over 700 mm of rainfall (1,017 mm in certain locations), when Mitch accumulated a maximum of 400 mm of rain over a longer period.

According to the national climate perspective published by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in April 2020, the forecast for the Pacific Ocean indicates the potential formation of 16 Tropical Storms and a high probability that at least two cyclones could form off the Central American coast.


Funding required to provide emergency food assistance to reach 160,100 severely food insecure people affected by both Tropical Storm Amanda and COVID-19. The assistance will cover food needs for three months and complement the emergency response efforts of the government. This is out of a total of USD 24.6 Million required for WFP’s overall emergency response. Currently the operation has a 98% Funding Gap / Pipeline Break

In Numbers

WFP estimates that 336,300 people located in the worst affected areas by the storm are severely food insecure. The preliminary impact is concentrated in the Western and Central departments affecting both urban and rural lives and livelihoods.

It is estimated that at least 22,000 farmers have been directly affected with 12,000 hectares of basic grains (maize, rice and beans) that were destroyed by flooding.
Additionally, there has been severe losses in the vegetable production and livestock sectors.

Landslides and major floods from caused by Tropical Storm Amanda resulted in significant road and infrastructure damage and forcing 12,650 people to be evacuated to 258 shelters around the country. The departments most affected were San Salvador, La Libertad and San Miguel.