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NGOs pivot programmes, while critical needs in developing countries go unfunded

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95% of UK-based INGOs are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in developing countries, according to our latest survey.

Of those organisations, 41% are responding to the crisis without additional funding and are diverting existing resources to help the world’s most vulnerable.

Funding from multilaterals has trickled down to NGOs very slowly, with survey respondents citing a lack of funding opportunities, delays in dispersals, slow donor response, or a lack of transparency or closed funding calls.

We surveyed 92 Bond member organisations at the end of May to get a better picture of how NGOs are supporting developing countries during the Covid-19 crisis. We also found out how NGOs are funding their interventions and the challenges they face in accessing additional funds.

Programmes are helping people all over the world

NGOs are supporting people and communities in every region, focusing on the most vulnerable. Of those organisations responding to Covid-19:

  • 80% are supporting women and girls
  • 70% are supporting children and young people
  • 44% are supporting older people
  • 60% are supporting people living with disabilities
  • 36% are supporting people with pre-existing medical conditions, such as cancer or severe respiratory issues
  • 38% are supporting refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs).