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Meaningful Dialogue with Communities Initiative, CashCap – Deployment Final Report- Nov-Dec 2020

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Colombia - Meaningful dialogue with Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela. Deployment Report.

The Dialogue with Communities initiative (2019) seeks to better mainstream accountability to affected groups and community engagement in cash coordination forums and integrate it into technical capacity in-country, ensuring it is central to Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. During deployment, CashCap experts are well placed to bring people’s voices into the Cash Working Group and enable key discussions within coordination structures and with decisionmakers as well as supporting operational agencies improve programming.

There is an increasing focus on investing in engaging people affected by crisis in two-way communication and gathering feedback; and the humanitarian community is keen on emphasizing the importance of listening to and understanding communities’ concerns, priorities, and recommendations on how they would like to be better assisted. The initiative promotes a dialogue from a different angle, creating safe spaces and opportunities to affected people to engage in meaningful conversations with the cash and market community.

This effort can contribute to bringing their voices to the center of a broader reflection on how the system is moving towards a people-centered approach and Grand Bargain’s commitments that call for deeper community engagement and stronger accountability. This is a vision and mission that cannot be accomplished alone. CashCap will leverage on its unique role of providing multi-agency support, assisting as catalysts of collaboration and coordination among partners, liaising with perception-based researches in cash programming such as the Cash Barometer from Ground Truth Solutions and working side by side with Communication with Communities coordination fora and experts.