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UNICEF Niger Humanitarian Situation Report No. 04 (01 to 30 April 2020)

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  • As of April 30th, Niger registered 719 cases of COVID-19, 452 patients healed, 32 deaths and a total of 2,921 patients tested for the virus. On April 26th, the number of people healed from COVID-19 virus exceeded, for the first time, the number of patients in treatment (317).

  • On April 2nd, 52 children (32 girls) were abducted by unidentified armed elements in several villages in the neighborhood of Toumour (Diffa) while fetching firewood.

  • Access (due to restrained mobility caused by increasing insecurity) and lack of funding to support child protection in emergency activities remain key issues in Diffa region.

  • In April 2020, the RRM conducted 17 rapid assessments (10 multi-sectoral assessments and 07 rapid protection assessments) in the Diffa, Maradi and Tillabery regions. RRM partners also provided NFI assistance to approximately 2,414 displaced households for 14,930 beneficiaries. Movement restrictions adopted by Niger Government to control COVID-19 (e.g. lockdown of Niamey with need of official authorization to enter and leave the city; reduction/cancellation of regular UNHAS services; closure of international borders) had an impact of staff and stock movements, causing disruption or important delays.