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Burkina Faso – Conflict (DG ECHO, NGO, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 02 June 2020)

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On 29-30 May, 3 attacks by non-state armed groups have killed at least 37 civilians in Burkina Faso, including one humanitarian worker. 2 attacks have targeted convoys escorted by security forces and self-defence groups both in the North and Centre North regions, and the third one occurred in a market in the East region.

The humanitarian crisis in Burkina Faso represents the fastest growing forced displacement crisis in Africa. Currently, a total of 848,329 people are internally displaced within the country. Conflict-affected population at risk of protection and in need of a multi-sectorial assistance. Over 2.1 million people are also expected to require urgent life-saving humanitarian support in food/nutrition.

The 2020 Humanitarian Response Plan for Burkina Faso was updated to include the Covid- response and now targets 2.6 million individuals and requires USD 371.6 million (including USD 60 million for Covid-specific actions).