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Denmark commits additional DKK 150 mill. (approx. Euro 20 mill.) in climate financing targeted developing countries

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Govt. Denmark
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The Danish grant is additional to Denmark’s 0.7 percent of GNI in official development assistance and will fund four projects supporting developing countries tackling climate change.

The selected climate projects will support climate change adaptation and green jobs in Africa, and strengthen the cooperation with Indonesia on a green transition. If these projects demonstrate new sustainable pathways, they can be scaled-up and serve as inspiration for innovative ways for transitioning towards climate resilient and low carbon development.

The four selected projects will focus on: improved access to climate resilient water supply in Mali, scaling off-grid solar power in Uganda, strengthening collaboration with Indonesia on a green transition and a civil society fund to pilot new innovative and climate solutions.

The Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Rasmus Prehn, says:

“The economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have hit the African continent hard. However, if we dare to be smart and innovative, it is possible to make a green and climate resilient recovery through investments in sustainable energy sources and green jobs. We cannot forget the climate – even in times of a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic.”


The Danish climate financing is provided to the following pioneer projects:

DKK 55 mill. to build climate resilient water, energy and agriculture infrastructure in the border regions of Mali. DKK 37.5 mill. to accelerate off-grid solar power to unserved communities in Uganda DKK 20 mill. to promote Danish civil society work towards innovative climate adaptation in developing countries DKK 37.5 mill. to strengthen the partnerships with Indonesia on a green and low-carbon transition.