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Shelter Cluster Vanuatu – TC Harold Situation Report No. 8 (22 May 2020)

Govt. Vanuatu
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1. Overview of housing damage and response

Overall summary (based on current available information):

  • 4,644 HH have received shelter relief assistance (as reported by Shelter Cluster partners and SANMA PEOC)

  • Stocks that could benefit 11,033 HH are available in the country (distribution not yet reported) and are also in the pipeline.

  • This brings the overall assistance (Completed, ongoing & Planned) to: 15,677 HH The Estimated damage: 21,000HH (Please see the table of damage estimates & humanitarian gaps on the next page)
    Estimated Response Gap: c. 5323 HH

2. Response highlights


● Significant relief supplies have now arrived in-country and reported distributions are slowly increasing.

● Reports from the SANMA PEOC indicate higher levels of damage in SANMA than previously reported.

● There is an ongoing urgent requirement to ensure stocks are distributed quickly, equitably, and accountability.

● The Vanuatu Shelter Cluster is also seeking information from the NDMO on the availability and/or distribution of shelter relief items including c. 10,000 tarpaulins consigned to the NDMO since the start of TC Harold operations.

Agency Activities

● The Vanuatu Red Cross Society (VRCS) has continued with their distributions in the most affected communities in Central Pentecost 1.

● 1000 Tarps that were procured by the PWD have been distributed with the help of VRCS.

3. Detailed damage estimates & humanitarian gaps

The table below is a consolidation of data and is based on Provincial Emergency Operations Centre assessments and other estimates based on wind speeds and requests from provincial teams.
Please note: The Damage data for the SANMA Province has been changed to adopt the damage data that has been provided to us by the SANMA PEOC.