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2019-2020 Regional Winterization Programme - Final Report [EN/AR]

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With thanks to the generous contributions received from donors, UNHCR was able to provide winterization assistance to its entire prioritized target of those in need.

The winterization programme was implemented from September 2019 to March 2020. UNHCR completed distribution of most of the winterization assistance by January 2019.

In addition to its regular programme, UNHCR provided emergency assistance to the most vulnerable persons affected by storms in Lebanon and floods in Syria and Iraq.

Early planning, preparation and procurement allowed UNHCR and its partners to reach beneficiaries and, wherever possible, to allow beneficiaries to receive their assistance on time to prepare for the harsh winter.

As of end-March, nearly 3 million Syrian and Iraqi IDPs and refugees were reached with winterization assistance in the region, mainly in the form of cash payments, winter specific core relief items and shelter materials.