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Yemen Fact Sheet - Cash-Based assistance in Yemen, May 2020 [EN/AR]

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Why cash? Helping families who have been affected by the conflict through cash is a practical and effective solution, especially for those living in rented homes or close to markets. UNHCR’s cash programme gives families an opportunity to prioritize their needs, may it be food, clothes for winter, medicine or paying back debt. Though cash, displaced families can make choices and thus regain their dignity.

Each eligible family receives YER 100,000 (some USD 170) to address their protection needs such as rent, food, extra clothes and fuel for the winter, medical and other immediate concerns. This multipurpose cash is aimed to contribute towards a Minimum Expenditure Basket. The families who have been verified to need rent support, receive the cash assistance in two instalments over a period of six months.

Both internally displaced and impoverished host community members are eligible for UNHCR’s cash assistance in Yemen. The community-based protection networks remain vigilant to identify and assess the new and existing IDP families in need of support while prioritizing the neediest. After the initial assessments are completed, UNHCR’s partners verify the information. The verified data is then inserted into an online tool for the final, impartial selection of the beneficiary families based on objective criteria. As the last step, the finance provider sends an SMS to the head of the selected beneficiary family to collect their cash.

Cash interventions prioritise most vulnerable people including female and child-headed households, persons living with disabilities, unaccompanied elderly, children-at-risk and individuals with severe or chronic medical conditions.