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Northeast Nigeria Humanitarian Response: Monthly Health Sector Bulletin #4, April 2020

Govt. Nigeria
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5.0 Million People in need of health care

4.0 Million targeted by the Health Sector

1.9 Million IDPs in the three States

1.07 Million people reached in 1st Quarter 2020


  • Health Sector partners are supporting the government led COVID-19 response across the three states, including joint resource mobilization activities, overall coordination and monitoring of the response in the northeast. The COVID19 response is based on eight key response pillars supported by other sectors, especially the construction of quarantine centers, isolation centers, water and sanitation and shelters for vulnerable population groups in IDP camps.

  • The Protection and safety of frontline health workers are pivotal in this situation where frontline health workers are more exposed to the virus in health facilities and communities.

  • Isolation centers are operational in Maiduguri, Gowza and Pulka with the support of State MoH and health sector partners. Health Sector is working with IOM and Shelter Sector on the design and layout of the quarantine/isolation centers more in line with needs on the ground and adaptable to the local context.
    Construction work has been completed in more than six locations in deep field locations.

  • To effectively respond to COVID-19 pandemic at the subnational level, there is a need to develop flexible, customized and decentralized approaches to detect, isolate and treat the suspected cases, to strengthen infection prevention and control mechanisms, and to address the wider potential ramifications of the crisis for other key areas.

  • Risk communication and community engagement are an essential part of COVID-19 pandemic response and have been ongoing for the past six weeks. The outbreak of COVID-19 has already created fear in public and responders due to lack of information and misunderstanding among the communities.