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Global Weather Hazards Summary: May 01 - 07, 2020

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Heavy rainfall prompts flooding across East Africa while conditions in Southern Africa remain abnormally dry

  1. Spring breeding is expected to increase desert locust numbers in East Africa. Mature swarms are still active in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Uganda. A southeastern movement of desert locust hoppers has been observed in Yemen.

  2. The end of the rainy season and poor rainfall performance led to abnormal dryness and droughts in areas across southern Mozambique and central Zimbabwe.

  3. Parts of western Namibia and southwestern Angola are abnormally dry do to a poor rainy season.

  4. Abnormal dryness and drought have developed in southern Madagascar following a poor rainfall season.

  5. Parts of central Mozambique remain abnormally dry and drought conditions persist in southern Malawi and northwestern Mozambique due to a poor rainy season.

  6. A second week of heavy rain was recorded over Kenya and the Juba and Shabelle river areas. Next week, more moderate rainfall is forecast which could trigger river flooding.

  7. A long rainy season in Ethiopia has been beneficial to ground conditions, however heavy rains have triggered flooding in northeastern parts of the country.