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Afghanistan Seasonal Monitor: April 24, 2020

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Above average precipitation from late March continues to benefit crops and pastures


• Currently, the largest precipitation deficits, about 80 percent of normal, are present across much of Badakhshan while near- to above-average cumulative precipitation is present in the rest of the country. Above average precipitation in April eliminated much of the deficits that have been seen through most of the season in northern parts of the country.

• Rapid depletion of snow cover has begun in most basins across the country due to melting of snow. While snow water volumes in the Khulm, Shirin Taghab, Khanabad, Kokcha-Ab_i_Rustaq, and Panj basins continue to be close to or at record minimum levels, the recent heavy precipitation events have helped bring the snow water volumes closer to average or above average in the rest of the basins.

• The forecast of above-average temperature and precipitation is likely to support normal growth of irrigated and rainfed wheat in the coming months except in some northern and northeastern areas where precipitation deficits persisted throughout the season.

• The forecast of widespread heavy precipitation in the coming two weeks along with above average temperatures and saturated soil increases the risk of flash flooding across the country. These conditions are also conducive for landslides in central and northeastern parts of the country