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Floods to trigger malaria cases, government warns

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Malaria cases are expected to increase with the current floods that have continued to ravage the country, Ministry of Health has warned.

Dr Jimmy Opigo, the programme manager at the National Malaria Control Programme at the Ministry of Health, said floods are the biggest fear resulting in overflow of lakes, which are breeding mosquitoes.

“The whole of Kyoga basin is flooded even around Lake Victoria. That means more breeding ground for mosquitoes. So we are preparing, there could be high cases of malaria,” Dr Opigo said yesterday.

Lake Victoria is bringing more trouble for residents and business owners on its shores. Scientists have for decades warned of the impact of climate change like the current increase in rainfall.

Dr Opigo said spraying in some of the districts might kick off next week as well as the distribution of nets. “The lockdown has delayed us. We were supposed to be spraying in some districts before the lockdown, but there is some decision to be made by the start of next week,” Dr Opigo said.

Currently, the Ministry of Health has empowered community health workers with testing equipment and treatment to offer services to those that are unable to walk to hospitals.