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Tajikistan: Addressing the reconstruction needs in flood-affected villages

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Heavy rains from March to May 2009 resulted in flooding and mudslides affecting approximately 15,000 individuals residing in Pyanj and Qumsangir districts, Khatlon Province, south Tajikistan.

Following the devastating mudflows of last 2009 spring, the villages of Tojiskoy and Zarbord's population in Pyanj and Qumsangir districts have found themselves homeless and lost theirs houses. They were relocated to newly constructed housing settlements. 36 households, 211 people, benefited from the action financed by OFDA and implemented by ACTED and its partner Habitat for Humanity. The houses constructed in the past did not meet hazard mitigation standards, being mainly made of mud and clay, and had no capacity to withstand either flooding or earthquakes in a region prone to natural disasters.

After the conduction of theoretical trainings by both NGOs' engineers on "Antiseismic building foundations using loam and local resources", practical exercises on structural mitigation and strengthening construction took place in order to put the acquired skills into practice. These exercises acted as 'learning fields' for the affected beneficiaries and also benefited to local communities, individuals interested in gaining this knowledge, including the Tajik Committee of Emergency Situation. Sample houses built by specialized engineers serve as model to be replicated in the villages. In addition, ACTED provided construction material kits, including plastic windows, planks, and a door.

These activities were completed by the distribution of blankets, mattresses, coal and of stoves to relieve the most vulnerable households who had lost their belongings.