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Civil Society Organizations in Yemen Call for Comprehensive Mobilization and Unity to Confront Coronavirus Pandemic (April 2020)

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With the appearance of Coronavirus (COVID -19) in Yemen, 9 civil society organizations issued a second statement warning of the catastrophic consequences of the virus spread. They called for a comprehensive cessation of the war and declared a comprehensive mobilization to confront the pandemic and save the lives of about 30 million people in the country whose infrastructure and health system are destroyed by the war, and 80% of its population lack food and drinking water.

The statement goes as follows:

At this difficult time, after five years of war and conflict in Yemen, Coronavirus (COVID - 19) adds a new disaster to the exhausted country in all the fields of life. Aware of the seriousness of the situation and the consequences of the ruthless spread of Corona that can't be confronted if the war and the armed conflicts continue, it will make the world's worst humanitarian disaster even worse. We in civil society organizations demand the following:

1- A comprehensive cessation of war and internal fighting and full-time mobilization and guidance of resources to implement a joint response plan to confront Corona pandemic and its health and economic consequences through a unified crisis management operations cell.

2- We call on the UN organizations and donors to stand by the population in Yemen, revive the collapsed health system and provide medical equipment and supplies to confront the pandemic.

3- We call on the United Nations and its partners to launch a humanitarian appeal to mobilize support and overcome the health and living crisis and the consequences of the coronavirus spread in Yemen.

4- Expanding the UN humanitarian programs in Yemen and resuming work on suspended programs to preserve the lives of 80% of the population dependent on assistance.

5- Warning of the disastrous consequences of reducing or suspending the UN humanitarian assistance programs in Yemen, which will result in 12 million people being deprived of the monthly food rations provided by the World Food Program, 19 million will lose access to health care, 5 million will have no access to clean drinking water, and services will be cut off for at least 2.5 million malnourished children. We therefore call on the United Nations and donors to provide the necessary support for implementing the humanitarian response plan in Yemen and to ensure that assistance is provided to the people whose tragedy is compounded by the first in the world.

6- Providing all facilities to international and local organizations working in the humanitarian field and reviewing the restrictions imposed on them by government agencies, and exempting humanitarian assistance related to the Corona pandemic from tax and customs duties and providing support for the import of all preventive tools, devices and medicines needed to combat the epidemic.

7- Facilitating the fluidity of goods in Yemeni ports and increase their efficiency to ensure that there are no supply crises.

8- The temporary elimination of all tax and customs duties on basic goods and materials with emphasis on controlling over the quality of goods and conforming to specifications and quality conditions.

9- Paying the salaries of all civil workers, as well as cash assistance for social security cases.

10- Providing medical examination and health care supplies in places of quarantine and isolation, and providing basic services of food, water and sanitation.

11- During the current phase, the private sector will be held responsible for providing goodsto citizens at the lowest possible prices.

12- Extending the closure of land, sea and air ports with the exception of commercial shipping, humanitarian and relief assistance with taking the necessary measures for examination, quarantine and providing thermal detectors.

13- Asking the GCC countries to maintain the salaries and functions of Yemeni expatriates, exempt them from fees and financial fines and include them by the government assistance to their citizens.

In conclusion: All parties must realize the seriousness of the Corona pandemic on Yemen and the fragility of the situation in the exhausted country, in order to stop the war and unite efforts to confront the disaster before they are unable to contain it.

Issued by:
Abs Development Organization for woman and child (ADO)
Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF)
Field Medical Foundation (FMF)
Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF)
Relief and Development Peer Foundation (RDP)
Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO)
Yemeni Development Network (YDN)
Soul for Development Organization (SOUL)
Medical Mercy Foundation (MMF)