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COVID-19 Outbreak Operations update #10 - Emergency appeal n° MDR00005 (9 April 2020)

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The Revised Emergency Appeal (26 March 2020) is available here.

The Emergency Plans of Actions for COVID-19 operation are available here.

Red Cross and Red Crescent activities globally
Health and Care

IFRC emergency health has developed evidence-based guidance for best practices and minimum standards for the use of reusable cloth face masks by the general public. This approach aims to reduce potential harm caused by cloth masks without minimum standards, and to increase their potential public health impact as barriers that may contribute to reducing the spread of the virus. Together with MDA, IFRC emergency health presented a webinar “From Prehospital Care to a Global Response” for WADEM (World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine), on April 2nd with 96 participants. In collaboration with BCP and surge colleagues, IFRC Geneva has created a draft concept note for a Health Help Desk, with the ambition to launch this service next week.

Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)

The face-to-face version of the 1-day RCCE training package has been finished targeting NSs, branch staff and volunteers of those countries that still can gather volunteers. Training provides basic knowledge on what is RCCE, how to effectively set up community engagement activities during COVID19 and how to collect and respond to feedback and rumours using new social distancing approaches. An Online version of the training is being finalized in cooperation with Learning Platform.

An agreement with Translators Without Borders will enable the translation of RCCE related products into 27 languages based on priority languages requested by the regions for the next 3 months.

Based on the need to provide actionable and specific recommendations to volunteers on how to conduct new ways of distant social mobilization, the Safe Social Mobilization guideline is being developed in collaboration with the Health department and Africa Regional Office.

Work continues towards cooperating with IM and external stakeholders to develop a feedback data collection platform which facilitates data analysis and visualization which can be operationalized.