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SolidarityNow with specialized support to families, mothers, children and unaccompanied minors in accommodation structures to combat COVID-19 [EN/EL]

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Refugees accommodated at refugee camps across Greece are among the most vulnerable groups of the population. They are most at risk because they reside in overcrowded camps and more often, they lack the necessary basic material to protect themselves or do not have easy access to hospitals and health care Centers. Solidarityow is already confronted with COVID cases in two open accommodation sites/refugee camps -in Ritsona and Malakasa-, after residents tested positive for coronavirus. A state plan has been activated, placing the two refugee camps under quarantine.

SolidarityNow implements Child protection and Family support programs, with the support of UNICEF, IOM Greece and EU funding, at 14 refugee camps in the mainland, including those of Ritsona and Malakasa. Since the beginning of the pandemic, as an organization we have taken all the necessary measures to protect our staff, while at the same time we have adjusted our activities in accordance with the authorities’ instructions. At the same time, we have presence at the camps, ensuring that refugees are not left without the necessary support. From the moment the public health authorities have locked down the two camps, our teams contributed with their experience and knowledge to take all the necessary measures for families, children and their mothers by providing useful information to the authorities.

Especially in cases of single-parent families, where children are at risk of being left alone, in the event of the hospitalization of the parent, SolidarityNow takes all the necessary steps to ensure that children have the appropriate support, always in cooperation with the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office and services and with the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

In the midst of the pandemic, we also support and protect the unaccompanied minors, who reside at the refugee camps, in collaboration with the relevant services. SolidarityNow is taking all necessary measures as to protect its employees in the field and will assist, if requested by the relevant services, in supporting this extremely difficult situation.

We are very proud of our colleagues who, in the midst of extremely adverse conditions, continue their valuable work.

  • Child & Family Support Hubs (CFSH) project is implemented by SolidarityNow with the support of UNICEF and IOM Greece and funded by the European Commission.

For more information:

Valia Savvidou, Press & Event Officer valias@solidaritynow.org | tel. 210 6772500, 6970 417260

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