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COVID-19 - Key messages for POC sites

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1 The risk of COVID-19 transmission and infection in congested sites is very high. Decongestion, or avoiding densely populated areas, can reduce transmission and the likelihood of becoming infected.

• Once there is a case at the site, it’s highly likely that the virus will spread rapidly. There is no vaccine for this disease at the moment; the only effective vaccine available to all of us is physical distancing and isolation, which is difficult to do in a congested site. In less congested areas the risk of transmission and becoming infected is reduced.

2 Specialised treatment for those becoming seriously ill is not available.

• Treatment of serious cases requires specialised health equipment which has very limited availability anywhere in South Sudan and is not available in the site. Those who get sick should stay at home and call 6666 for help.

• Evidence from other countries shows that older people and those with existing health problems who become infected are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill. The decision to either remain in a congested site or to move to a less populated area should take into account the possibility of accessing health care, if you or your family member has a severe health problem that you already know about.

3 Any decision to leave or to remain is voluntary

No one will be forced to leave the site. It is a personal decision. Each family will have to weigh up the benefits and risks of staying or leaving the site. To help you take this decision, information about areas of return is available at the Protection Desks including those run by UNHCR and partners. More information about COVID-19 is available through UNICEF and partners.

4 For those who choose to leave the site, assistance for relocation may be available. Assistance in the new location may or may not be available.

• Either at the Protection Desks or during food distributions you can request to be registered as wanting to leave. After leaving you will be de-registered from the site.

• Depending on where you decide to go, you may receive support for food, transport and non-food items. Organised escorting or transport for individual households will not normally be provided.

• Depending on where you decide to go, you may be eligible for further humanitarian assistance through regular operations and partners; or you may not be eligible because the location is not prioritised for humanitarian assistance (or is subject to operational constraints).

5 For those who choose to remain in the site, services will continue but may be disrupted.

• Current services in the site will be continued, but when there is a COVID-19 outbreak they may be interrupted or forced to scale down. Movement restrictions in the site may be introduced, as well as countrywide.