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COVID-19 National Emergency Response: Risk Communication, Social Mobilization and Community Engagement Strategy, April - September 2020

Sudán del Sur
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The purpose of this strategy is to inform the South Sudan Risk Communication Social Mobilization and Community Engagement (RCSMCE) Technical Working Group (TWG) work for Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). It is a living document that will be regularly updated as the situation evolves in the country.


The outbreak of COVID-19 that started in China in December 2019 continues to pose a significant risk to international public health security and has been declared it as a pandemic. South Sudan is on high alert and has activated the EOC and national task force. The RCSMCE pillar is a critical part of COVID-19 emergency response and preparedness. Several partners come together to undertake the risk communication activities effectively to the communities of South Sudan.

The findings of the UNICEF Knowledge, Attitude and Practice studies across varied disease outbreaks and lessons learned in addressing a number of public health emergencies in South Sudan over the past several years clearly indicate the importance of risk communication, social mobilization and community engagement in preventing and responding to disease outbreaks. Thus, with lessons learnt, expertise and knowledge gained during past outbreak responses will be crucial in responding to the CoVID-19 national health emergency.