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COVID-19 Outbreak Operations update #9 - Emergency appeal n° MDR00005 (2 April 2020)

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The Revised Emergency Appeal (26 March 2020) is available here.

The Emergency Plans of Actions for COVID-19 operation are available here.

Red Cross and Red Crescent activities globally

Health and Care

The IFRC, in close collaboration with global and local health partners, continues to provide risk assessment and guidance to support National Societies to implement high-quality, effective and appropriate epidemic response; mental health and psychosocial support; clinical and paramedical services in support of COVID-19 cases; social support to people affected by epidemic containment measures; and activities to maintain access to essential health services at the community level. IFRC is engaging with humanitarian partners to further develop strategies for the most vulnerable communities, including those in fragile and complex settings. Together with National Societies and Reference Centres, including the PSS Reference Centre, it is also integrating new approaches that can address both direct and indirect secondary negative impacts on the health and wellbeing of affected communities, such as supporting health systems, where Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers play a critical role as health extension workers, health promoters, and provide referrals for critical services. IFRC keeps coordination various internal thematic groups which allow regions and National Societies to share experiences, discuss challenges and share resources.