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COVID-19 Governments' Measures: Report #2 – 26 March 2020

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This report provides an update to the first ACAPS report on government measures published on 19 March (ACAPS 19/03/2020). ACAPS’ report on government measures maps initial measures adopted by governments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a component of ACAPS’ broader effort to monitor the impact of the pandemic.

Our reports are based on publicly available data assembled by our team through a wide scanning of information across the globe. This second report seeks to provide further preliminary analysis on government measures being implemented worldwide. Given the speed in which governments are amending or introducing new measures in response to COVID-19, the dataset and analysis are likely to have information gaps.


The COVID-19 response provides abundant sources of information. Care is needed to identify the most reliable sources.

Government measures are changing rapidly. Often information is outdated by the time it has been identified. The number of countries implementing or amending measures increases daily.

Information gaps exist for some countries.

At this stage it is still a challenge to retrieve clear information and frame it in a way that is analytically consistent.