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Somalia COVID Contingency Plan

CCCM Cluster
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1.0 Response objectives

There are over 2,000 recorded IDP sites hosting 2.6 m displaced people across Somalia. People displaced to these informal sites are living in precarious conditions. The sites are overcrowded, lack dignified living conditions and enough access to basic services. An estimated 360,000 people in IDP sites are persons with various disabilities, 48 percent are women while five percent are elderly. Approximately 85 percent of the sites are informal settlements on private land and about 74 percent of them are in urban areas. Over 70 percent of IDPs in informal sites lack access to information about their rights and available services including health making them vulnerable to various humanitarian crisis and disease outbreak such the recent COVID-­‐19 pandemic.
CCCM objective is to ensure that the displaced population already affected by climatic shocks and insecurity are aware of the COVID-­‐19 outbreak and exercise cluster advised preventive measures. The cluster will also enhance coordination with local authorities, humanitarian actors and key service providers such as health and WASH to ensure IDPs, who may face difficulties in accessing health services, are included in the planning and response for the potential COVID-­‐19 outbreak in the sites and settlements. This document also guides cluster partners on the continuity of the CCCM interventions using the remote management in line with the cluster objectives i.e. 1) Strengthen safe access to multi sectorial services at site level through improved site management and coordination; 2) Improve living conditions of displaced people through site development, care and maintenance; and 3) Strengthen community self-­‐management and access to information for displaced populations and coordination in the face of the novel virus in the IDP sites.