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Bangladesh Red Crescent Society - Corona Virus COVID-19 Situation Report 3, (30 March 2020)

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Actions Taken from Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS)

  • Emergency coordination meetings on COVID-19 response take place at BDRCS National Headquarters every day.

  • Important updates from BDRCS response to COVID-19 so far:

RCY volunteers (965 male and 256 female) supporting the initiatives of disinfection spray at selected hospitals and important public places as well as hygiene kit & leaflet distribution throughout the country.

National Headquarters along with all 68 branch offices working on COVID-19 Response. All 69 offices carrying out awareness raising activities while 49 includes disinfection spraying.

People received life-saving awareness messages through social media (i.e. Facebook live, TVC etc.)

Approximately 400 staff and volunteers along with midwives from all 56 MCH centers got official orientation on COVID-19.

  • BDRCS will allocate necessary funds for ongoing disinfectant activities as needed to carry out through branch offices. For timely fund transfer, appropriate medium will be utilized.

  • Standard isolation/quarantine policy must be followed for RCY volunteers at branch offices and NHQ who participates in disinfectant spraying. To better serve the emergency plan of actions, different groups are formed to work on rotation basis to reduce workload and stress.

  • BDRCS decided to provide 75000 food parcels (7.5 kg rice, 1 kg pulse, 1ltr edible oil, 0.5 kg sugar, 0.5 kg salt, 0.5kg Suji) through NHQ and 68 branch offices.

  • Cyclone Preparedness Program (CPP) has undertaken several initiatives to utilize its volunteers and staff to cooperate with local government in all 13 coastal districts.
    Particular actions taken through CPP in Cox’s Bazar:

    • 1761 CPP volunteers (camp & host working in camps) are oriented on handwashing and COVID 19 key messages (total target 3400);

    • 80,576pcs IEC Materials on hand washing in the form of poster and leaflet have been distributed in camp settlements and 40500pcs among host community;

    • 8720 pieces of Surgical masks and 400 hand sanitizers provided to PMO-BDRCS, Government and CPP staff working on COVID-19 in Cox’s Bazar.

  • A number of initiatives has been undertaken in Cox’s Bazar through Population Movement Operation (PMO) to reduce the risk of coronavirus. Medical staff, Community Health Mobilizers, and Community Volunteers are oriented on COVID-19. They are engaged in disseminating messages on COVID 19. In addition, orientation and training were provided to WASH personnel and staff of PNSs.