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Insecurity Insight announces the launch of a new mobile guide for collecting, recording, analysing and using safety and security incident information to maintain staff security, safety and access to beneficiaries

Insecurity Insight
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Good safety and security incident information management (SIIM) practices allow aid agencies to reduce the impact of safety and security incidents on aid operations and staff. It improves the ability of organisations to prevent future incidents from happening.

What is SIIM?

SIIM is a key building block in meeting duty of care obligations towards staff and supports good decision-making for programmes, safety and security, human resources and budgeting. SIIM can improve access to communities in need and also support advocacy efforts. Good safety and security incident information management finds the right balance between these benefits and the administrative costs of the system.

Mobile Guide

In this 10-minute Ready-to-Go Safety and Security Incident Information Management (SIIM) mobile guide, you will learn how relief and development organisations can effectively manage safety and security incident information.
We have designed this mobile guide in collaboration with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation for safety and security staff and managers responsible for operational decision-making. The mobile guide is based on the SIIM Handbook and covers:

• the reasons why it is critical for organisations to manage safety and security incident information,

• outlines the four key steps in SIIM, and

• provides a list of suggested incident definitions to use.

The guide is part of a series on SIIM which will run throughout the year. Visit our website for current SIIM resources including the Handbook and individual tools to complement the information in this guide. Join our SIIM mailing list and receive new resources from the series straight to your inbox.

How to access the guide

If you are new to DisasterReady, you will need to create a free account to access the guide. To sign up:

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  2. Fill out all required fields and click 'Log In' when complete.

  3. If all fields are filled out correctly and your password is acceptable, you will be immediately logged in to the portal.

  4. Once you are logged in, click on this link to see the “SIIM Mobile Guide”.

Ready to Go Mobile Guides, with a downloadable PDF included with the course, are designed specifically for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to support learners on the go.