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Ukraine: Protection Cluster Factsheet - February 2020 [EN/RU/UK]

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Civilian casualties: The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine recorded 5 conflict-related casualties (1 person killed and 4 injured).

Security: On 18 February, there was intense shelling near a number of settlements along the contact line, including Zolote, Novotoskivske, Orikhove, Krymske, Khutor Vilnyii, Marinka and Krasnohorivka. During the shelling, 25 children from a school in Triohizbenka were evacuated to a bomb shelter. 11 families with children in Orikhove expressed their wish to move out of the settlement due to constant shelling, but cannot afford to relocate without financial assistance.

Freedom of movement: In 2020, at least three older men died due to ill health while crossing the contact line at the EEPCs and an old woman died as a result of a car accident near the Mayorske EECP.
People continue to face problems when crossing the contact line even after they have paid their debts as their name remains on the debtor’s registry. Those who are not able to pay their debts remain stranded in GCA and are left in a dire situation, separated from their families, without a place to live and with no income to cover their debts.

Housing, land and property rights: In three villages, Novoselivka-2, Kamianka and Nevelske, military personnel moved into 8 empty houses without the consent of the owners.

Access to essential services: Due to lack of respect for the window of silence/ceasefire to repair water pipes nearthe contact line, about 2,000 residents of Krasnohorivka did not have access to water between 17-27 February and about 48,000 residents of Toretsk city and nearby villages between 12-23 February.

Mental health: Following the resumption of heavy shelling on 18 February, partners reported a 70% increase in requests from schools for psychosocial support for children.

Access to pensions: On 5 February, Parliament considered Draft Law 2083-d on delinking pensions from IDP registration and voted to return the draft for revision. The Finance Ministry opposed the draft law on the grounds that it would put too large a burden on Ukraine’s budget.