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Colombia: Situational Report – January 2020

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  • On January 17, Juan Francisco Espinosa was officially appointed as the new director of Colombia Migration.

  • On January 20, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Decree 64 of 20201 , which guarantees the affiliation of vulnerable population not included in the health system, including refugees and migrants with Special Permission to Stay (PEP, by its Spanish acronym) and Colombian returnees, prioritizing the affiliation of people in poverty, newborns, children and their families.

  • From January 23 to 27, the Colombian Government created the fifth round of the PEP. Through two resolutions2 , regular stay is allowed for refugees and migrants from Venezuela who entered with a sealed passport.

  • On January 28, the Ministry of Labor issued the decree for the Special Stay Permit to Stay for the Promotion of Formalization (PEPFF, by its Spanish acronym), a work permit that will be granted to Venezuelan refugees and migrants who have a formal job offer.