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COVID-19 and the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS): How to meet our CHS commitments in our response to the global pandemic

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As the world races to respond to the global outbreak of COVID-19, it is vital that the views and rights of people affected are not forgotten.

The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) is an important tool that sets out our sector’s core commitments to affected people. It can guide us in taking a principled and people-centred approach to the way we manage the response and adaptation to COVID-19.

This is a public health, social and economic crisis that is truly global in scale. With restrictions in travel and movement, national and localised health care, civil society and humanitarian organisations will play a critical role. All people should have equal access to health services and treatment, without discrimination, and be treated with dignity and respect.

Download our resource about key CHS commitments of relevance for the response to this pandemic.