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Protection, Gender and Inclusion in the response to COVID-19 – Technical Guidance Note Version 17 March 2020

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This technical guidance note is aimed at IFRC and NS staff involved in the global operation, especially PGI and health focal points. Key messages and key groups at risk of exclusion are available for a general Red Cross Red Crescent audience.

Like all crises, the COVID outbreak will affect people differently based on their sex, gender and other factors, including age, disability, sexual orientation, health status, legal status, ethnicity, and other aspects of the person. Emergencies exacerbate existing gender inequalities, and the incidence of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), violence against children can be expected to increase. Marginalized groups are highly likely to more adversely affected by the outbreak and the consequences of the response. “Protection, gender and inclusion” (PGI) refers to all Red Cross Red Crescent actions which address violence, discrimination or exclusion, in all contexts where National Societies work.
This guidance note outlines issues that may threaten people’s dignity, access, participation and safety and suggests actions to address these threats.