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Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief - February 2020

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15 February 2020: In Mandoussa village, Mayo-Sava department, Extreme-North province, a health centre and a school were burnt down during an attack by Boko Haram militants. Source: Sembe TV

19 February 2020: In Bamenda town, Mezam division, North-Ouest province, military forces shot and killed a suspected Ambazonian separatist at the entrance of a private hospital. According to the Ministry of Defence, the soldier who opened fire on the victim was arrested. Sources: Cameroun24 and Blasting News France

Democratic Republic of the Congo

31 January – 01 February 2020: In Mambasa town, Ituri province, Mai-Mai militiamen stormed the Biakato Hospital and fired shots, causing substantial material damage. Source: Radio Okapi

01 February 2020: In Biakato, Mambasa territory, Ituri province, the office of coordination on Ebola was attacked by Mai-Mai militiamen. No casualties were reported. Source: WHO

02 February 2020: In Vulese village, Babila-Babombi area, Mambasa territory, Ituri province, a machete-wielding ADF militia killed a Red Cross paramedic, his wife and son. Source: Actualité