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Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief - February 2020

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13 February 2020: In Kolofata town, Mayo-Sava department, ExtremeNord province, an IDP camp was attacked and houses were looted by Boko Haram militants. No casualties were reported. Military forces later recovered some of the looted goods. Source: Sembe TV


As reported on 04 February 2020: Outside Agadez city and commune, Tchirozerine department, Agadez region, Sudanese refugees have been forced to sleep in the open despite low temperatures, reportedly as a punishment enacted by Nigerien authorities, after their refugee camp was almost completely burned down in January. Source: The Guardian 17 February 2020: In Diffa town, commune, department and region, a stampede during an aid distribution left at least 20 Nigerian refugees dead. Sources: BBC and TNH


Around 06 February 2020: In Iheosu-Isu, Arochukwu LGA, Abia state, an unnamed IDP camp was attacked by militias from the Utuma community. Two people were killed and 10 are missing. Source: Daily Trust


07 February 2020: In the eastern area of Kass IDP camp, South Darfur state, four armed men on camels raped a primary school student while she was out gathering firewood. Her three brothers were also bound and beaten. Source: Radio Dabanga

Around 09 February 2020: At Krinding IDP camp, Al-Geneina, West Darfur state, three girls aged between 14 and 17 were raped inside the camp by unidentified perpetrators(s). The girls were transferred to AlGeneina teaching hospital for medical examination. Source: Darfur24