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Solomon Islands National Disaster Council: National Situation Report No.1 - Tropical disturbance 06F (15 March 2020)

Îles Salomon
Govt. Solomon Islands
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  • WX420 – The code related to the bad weather associated to the weak low located previously position South of Guadalcanal, Makira and Rennell Islands. The system’s associated clouds and heavy rain with thunderstorms has caused the bad weather experienced across the Solomon Islands from the 9th – 13th March 2020. As for NEOC, this event is the fourth in 2020 to trigger response by SIG, hence NEOC code it as WX420.

  • SIMS has issued heavy rain warnings since 10/03/2020.

  • Flooding at Northwest, and West Guadalcanal respectively resulting in Selwyn College being evacuated for the second time in 35 days.

  • Localised flooding damaged bridges on NW Guadalcanal.

  • Localised landslide at Lambi buried a village with 8 people confirmed dead.

  • NEOC coordinated N-DOC Education Sector Committee and RSIPF support to Selwyn College evacuation assist.

  • RSIPF has deployed a team of Guadalcanal Police and PRT to conduct Initial Situational Overview (ISO) to assess the situation and assist the evacuation of Selwyn College.

  • RSIPF has deployed RSIPFV Gizo (05) for the Lambi response along with the relevant specialised departments to assist in search and recovery of the deceased.


WX420 – Weak Low located South of Solomon Islands (between Guadalcanal, Makira and Rennell) has caused bad weather with associated clouds, heavy rains with thunderstorm and strong winds across the country.

The associated bad weather has been felt across the entire country. However, much of the rainfall was on Guadalcanal that resulted in flash flooding on NW Guadalcanal that impacted dwelling houses, bridges and schools including the evacuation of more than 600 students from Selwyn College to Honiara. The impact at Lambi regarding the landslide was more severe with a village totally buried with 8 confirmed deaths.

The remaining Provinces and Islands reported no disaster impacts except reports of the bad weather being felt.